Working in Canada as an American


There are several different ways for Americans to work in Canada. Below outlines the top 5 ways:

  1. List of Exemptions

    You may already be on a list of exemptions. The list of exemptions can be found here:

  2. NAFTA

    Several exemptions exist under NAFTA that allow Americans to come to Canada to work temporarily. The work done in Canada is temporary in nature. However, it is important to note that NAFTA is currently being renegotiated and it is difficult to say at this time whether these exemptions will continue.

  3. Studying in Canada

    Generally speaking, Americans who are issued a study permit can work in Canada in a reduced capacity. If there is a Co-op component to program of study, a Co-op work permit is often also issued with the study permit. Each study/co-op work permit is different, and it is important to review the exact wording on both before working in Canada.

  4. Provincial Nominee Programs

    Each province has its own permanent residence programs. The details vary depending on the needs of each province.

  5. Employer Sponsorship

    You find an employer who is willing to get permission from the government to hire you: Generally speaking, an employer who wants to hire an American to work in Canada must get special permission from the government to hire that person, either temporarily or permanently.

It is very important for both employers and employees to follow all these rules. Failure to follow any of these rules could cause problems for the employer, including, but not limited to, being blacklisted on by the ESDC/Service Canada along with issues with Employment Standards. Failure to follow any of these rules could also cause problems for the employee, including, but not limited to loss of points for Express Entry Permanent Residence streams, deportation from Canada and/or issues returning to Canada at a later date.

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