Frequently Asked Questions About Spousal Sponsorship

When it comes to navigating spousal sponsorship, it's normal to have questions. We believe that being informed is a critical part of the process and endeavour to ensure that our clients feel educated and empowered.

At Contreras Law, we pride ourselves on taking the time to connect with our clients. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with clear, practical information about the spousal sponsorship process.

Should I Get A Head Start And Fill Out The Application Forms Ahead Of Time?

While it may be tempting to start the process as soon as possible, it is best to wait until you meet with an immigration lawyer. The application process varies significantly depending on the specifics of your case and you risk wasting time and resources by doing things incorrectly.

Is It More Cost Effective To Have An Immigration Lawyer Look Over My Application After I've Done It Myself?

This approach often backfires, resulting in additional cost and time spent waiting. By having a skilled immigration lawyer handle the application forms from the outset, you minimize the risk of making errors or omissions.

I Have Previously Been Married. Does This Affect My Chances Of Sponsorship?

Simply put, no. A previous marriage does not necessarily mean that you cannot proceed with a spousal sponsorship. There may be issues that the government will want to address which is something that an immigration lawyer can identify and prepare for.

I Have A Medical Condition. Am I Still Eligible For Spousal Sponsorship?

A medical condition does not necessarily disqualify a person from spousal sponsorship. This is an area that is constantly evolving so it is critical to have up-to-date information.

I Have A Criminal Record. Am I Still Eligible For Spousal Sponsorship?

A criminal record does not necessarily mean that a person cannot qualify for spousal sponsorship. A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to assess your case and identify whether any barriers exist.

Do I Make Enough Money To Sponsor My Spouse?

There are many exceptions in the regulations for spousal sponsorships financial requirements. An experienced immigration lawyer will be able to determine whether your financial situation will impact your application process and can help you plan accordingly.

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